About Us

PatriotArms.co is a veteran-owned and family operated business. We created PatriotArms.co to ensure that all American families have access affordable NATO military-grade ammunition, the same quality used by America’s armed forces, so that they can Train to Protect their families, loved-ones and homes.

We have all had a difficult time finding affordable ammo for defense, sports, and training. When ammunition is too hard to find and too expensive to buy, you reserve the ammo you have on hand while sacrificing your skills. The only way to get better, more proficient and confident in your shooting skills, creating the muscle memory necessary to execute without fail when it matters most, you must Practice, Practice, Practice.

We are dedicated to sourcing NATO military-grade ammunition at the most cost effective price possible, so that you American citizens can Train to Protect their families, loved ones and homes.


Quality Policy

Patriot Arms works with companies who manufacture products to national and international standards. The production is conducted pursuant to ISO, TSE, CE, C.I.P., SEVESO, and NATO. The companies employ quality control measures at multiple stages throughout the manufacturing process to ensure both accuracy and reliability.